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Witches and Witchcraft

Welcome to the second video on my Halloween series on YouTube ( Growing up, I personally watched a lot of movies about witches, over the years Disney has been famous for pushing out movies promoting the witchcraft agenda. These are some of popular movies with witchcraft themes embedded- Aladin, little mermaid(this was one of my favorite back then as a child), Merlin, Maleficent and so on.

Witchcraft and wizardry is often subtly portrayed as fun and entertaining, at other times portrayed as demonic and powerful for what they truly stand for. The importance of this video is to raise our awareness and consciousness as children of God to the evil practice of Halloween; this is a time where pictures and themes glorifying witches and witchcraft is all over the place.

Unfortunately, you find many Christian kids and parents indulge in this celebration, there is nothing Godly and Christ-like about Halloween. This celebration gives the devil unhindered access to the soul.

In this particular video, I had with me Ashley Knight- a former witch who shared her incredible experiences and knowledge about witchcraft practices such as casting of spells, reiki healings and manifesting. The video is on my YouTube channel and the link to watch below;

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Jenn was born in Jamaica Queens NY, raised, and grew up in Long Island NY. Jenn is an Ex-Psychic who found amazing grace through Jesus Christ. She is happily married to Jason and has a beautiful daughter; Cara.

Jenn engages her audience regularly on social media where she shares her amazing testimony of her deliverance and freedom from the kingdom of darkness. She holds regular Bible study and prayer sessions online. 


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