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Jenn's Books

I used to be a Professional Psychic Medium until Jesus Christ plucked me out of the occult and saved me!

"The new age: when you keep going to the problem for the solution!"

                                                       ~Jenn Nizza

From Psychic to Saved Image

From Psychic to Saved

Jenn Nizza

FROM PSYCHIC TO SAVED passionately narrates the ordeals and experiences of an ex-psychic. The book is so relatable to her audience, written in simple, factual and easy to read style.Her first of many to come, Jenn finally had an encounter with the savior and her life was never the same. Jesus has the supreme power over every forces of darkness. Most importantly is the hope of eternal life that we have when we follow the Lord. His amazing grace found a mere mortal like me. He can find you too!

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Out of the New Age and Into the Truth

Jenn Nizza

In this book, I will go deeper into the New Age/occult practices and divination and answer the FAQs. I will extensively explain what these practices entail and why they are completely against God's will and plan for His true followers.
I am encouraging you to earnestly open up your heart to the truth in the light of God's word, my personal experiences, encounters, and testimonies of others like me who have embarked on his journey before they finally saw the light.
The Bible says "to expose the fruitless deeds of darkness" (Ephesians 5:11) and that is my mission here. I'm not here to attack people or berate anyone still caught in the web of the New Age, its lies and deceit. So, if you are addicted to the New Age, I just want to say I understand you, I love you genuinely and I pray that this book will help and transform you in Jesus' name. I have often wondered how many years of the New Age hamster wheel I could have been free of if someone shared the truth with me, but better late than never!

New Age Book

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New Book in the Works

Jenn Nizza

God has inspired me to begin my third book!

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