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From Demonic Terror To Hope

Ex-psychic medium Jenn Nizza is on a mission to warn people against engaging in the occult and to spread the Gospel. On this premiere episode of her new "Ex-Psychic Saved" podcast, she discusses the “huge consequences” and terror she faced while engaging in the occult for decades.

Ex-Psychic Jenn Nizza Responds to Raven-Symoné: ‘Information Downloaded From Demons'

​Ex-psychic Jenn Nizza expressed concern for the recent statements from Raven-Symoné about having psychic power. Symoné said "I believe actually humans have the ability in their brain to tap into energy fields that allow for truth to connect when you know how to translate it correctly."

YOGA is not what it seems!

Yoga is not the cure for anxiety or your fibromyalgia! That is deception. The enemy seeks to deceive the masses to get people in disobedience to our one true God! Temporary perks are a part of his deal, but that’s exactly what they are..temporary! @Doreen_Virtue and I team up once again to discuss the truth about yoga, the spiritual dangers of it, and why it is NOT Holy on this episode of Ex-Psychic Saved podcast. I pray you give it a listen with an open heart!

Unveiling the Deception of Numerology with Doreen Virtue

Jenn is joined by Doreen Virtue to discuss numerology. Numerology is a form of divination that is popular in the New Age. Even many Christians wonder how numbers, patterns, and signs play a role in God's communication with us. Jenn and Doreen explain the problems with numerology and how we can avoid deception.

'You're Invoking Demons': Ex-Psychic Warns 'Manifesting' Is 'Infiltrating the Church,' Details Dangers

Ex-Psychic, Jenn Nizza, who regularly speaks on the spiritual dangers of the occult, is warning about the growing prevalence of "manifesting" within the church. Manifesting which the New Age movement calls the law of attraction, is essentially the belief that people can will or make certain things happen in their lives.

"It's Demons": The Disturbing Truth About Reiki, Energy Healing with Doreen Virtue

"Reiki is one of the many New Age and...cultic energy healing practices," Virtue, a former Reiki master, said. Virtue tells host, Jenn Nizza, about the truth behind Reiki and energy healing, warning it's "demonic." 

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